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ZOOPS, I zsaid the zwrong z-ppllltttzz-thing.

Fleshy Thoughts And Firmware Friendly

Minor Brain Farts

About the lost art of listening...
Are you listening? I define the term
and all I do is listen, mostly.

A short sneak back to the developing story....
absolute disturbing non violent sex...
Dairy of Desire…
If you have difficulty getting into the above link it
must the spirits telling you, "No.. no don't go there!".
It could be ruination... thoughtful, but still...

Lookout! Knowledge begets more knowledge.
Gripped with deductive reasoning you could be
drawn into enlightenment without your personal
savior. HOLY SHIT!

In the night, a dog, aiming barks at nobody.
Obvious pleasure in recalling the nature of the
beast. If I was a dog I'd do the same. Too bad
dogs can't sing.

A word about a big loud mouth knock kneed brat....
(Oh hell, it shouldn't be necessary, right?)

[This space intentionally left blank during the election]

When Power takes a back seat you better turn around ~
It's coming back with fury, it may not make a sound. It
only salves the hearts of few, the ego's shining glory.
You'll be the pawn without the glue, they'll plant you
- end of story.

And when Tradition becomes absurdity...

Tell me what you'd do
There's an old lady laughing at my heartache
Life's gone broken in two
Nobody cares - Nobody shares - I'm alone in a boat and it's sinkin'

Words don't allow and the truth just seems hollow
No matter reality - but the sky is still blue
So many years grown - old into fallow
So many years that won't/can't renew

And all because of you
All your fun is too true my heartache
And all because of you


Old Bart LePew - enjoys his art
For his work of art - is a fart.
As such, LePew, at three o'clock
Will start to fart, his trade in stock.

He fills a room and clears it too,
The people all glad to bid adieu.
For Bart's are bad - his farts appall;
He can melt the paint right off the wall.

The stench will travel, as I recall,
From room to room - and down the hall.
The grossest beasts will all turn tail,
To get away before they pale.

Cuz no one can stand that Bart-fart man,
Explaining why all the creatures ran.

He's proud as punch to eat his lunch;
Arty-Bart will munch too fast, my hunch.

You'd think he'd know at wisdom's age,
About facts be known, the normal sage.
If you gobble your food while you gasp much air
The resulting stench will singe your hair.

Metabolism heat, its pace runs high,
Bart can make steam out of apple pie.
Food boils down his digestive tract;
It leaks and spews through fissure's crack.

No smoking now while he's around.
Farts plenty a-gas to fill this town,
Til some one fool makes a tiny spark,
And that's Bart's art.
(We told you so)


And how about today's world news? Well... here's "Fuck It"
translated clear through the Google Translate language list.

Fok dit, Qij atë, Siktir, Fuck da, Jebi ga, Manhata,
A la merda, Fuck kini, Asa izo, Ta ma de, Fuck it,
Seru na to, Fuck det, Fuck gi, Persse, Magkantot ito,
Vitut, Foda-se, Gáma to, Te vahiyata, Fuck li,
Fuck da shi, Fuck nws, Fuck it, Bassza meg, Fuck það,
Na na na ya, Fuck sé, Cazzo, Sore o fakku,
Jancok iku, Oni Fuck, Sambhogisu, fuck vea, jenjang,
fuck man, Pedicabo eam, Fuck to, Fuck ja, Da go ebam,
Asitriho any izany, Fuck ia, kalya?a?, Fuck reira,
To sambhoga, Ene Zöndöö, dar kyount mainn,
Yo nahunasakcha, Faen det,
...and no translatable for Persian?, Pieprzyc to,
Foda-se, Isa nu fuck, Ea dracu ', Khren s nim,
Fuck e, eya satayayakai, Seriem na to, Jebi ga,
Waxaa Fuck, A la mierda, Fuck eta, Fan det, Fuck OH,
Atu vilunka, Adi vellipo, Phes samphanth' man,
Allah kahretsin, Khrin z nym, Uni Fuck, Fuck nó,
Ffyc ei, fak es, Fokii o, and -- Fuck It!

Quotes Pope: "Stop breeding like rabbits." So what's the Pope know, a fact that so many miss.
My problem is I'm old and I clearly remember what the
world was like when I was young - far fewer people. It
was by comparison simply awesome. Fact! Stop breeding.

Interesting statement above - see: "Fuck It"
Seems the theme and impact never change regarding "how about today's world news".
(Perhaps there's hope for the 22nd century?)

*Ism faction Jacks in action
Wall Street greed, al-Qaeda too.
Ism hazzem grease'em squeeze'em
Slacking traction, so what's new?
Fusion cons versation-nation
No con - fusion, load your due.
Made for peace dare we ensue?
Slacking action, turning blue.
Hold your breath, they'll turn the screw.

*Keep your pecker up. Nobody likes a droopy pecker.


The essence of messes (apparent in time)
Leaves less to guess for answers (sublime)
Evidence gathers at the scene of the crime
Who shit in our world's mess kit?

The history books grow in girth (they swell)
Repeating the same tales again as I dwell
And search for the wisdom but conclude what the hell
So what did Planet Earth do (to deserve us)?

We clamor and clamber (ignoring the past)
We ripen new demagogues, despots too fast
Nature's own rule predicts they'll never last
But go figure - Hello (don't we get it)?

Good luck with the heat - good luck with the cold
Coulda' told you so (I'm just getting old)
They talk of Growth I say why not just save?
The weather's severe so for Pete's sake behave.

Have you no romance with your very own planet?
There's nothing will buoy you up quite so well, and it
Will dance with your heart and spin you around
From east to west (and beyond sundown).

You've got tools in your hands (stuck like glue)
Social networking a contagion (like some kind of flu)
But the learning's right there (what you ought to do)
Learn to dance like humanity's worth saving.

I'm old, I'm battered, bruised and beaten
Thousands years past I'd just end up being eaten
But now I'll be nurse-homed (my assets sucked dry)
And one way or the other I'll be leavin' come nigh.

(My choice)

So what did Earth do (to deserve us)?
It's beauty in slow sure decline
Over populated (my guess) we'll be put to the test
Brains on - or brains going off line.


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